Year of Built: 1989
Re Built: 2004/2010
Place of Built: Poland
Length: 91.25 Meters
Breadth: 17.61 Meters
Draft: 5.8 Meters
Speed: 14.3 Knots

Main Engine: 6 ZL 40/48 (SULZER) Poland

Auxiliary Engine: 2 x 640kW (Sulzer ATL25)

Passenger Capacity: 133 (182 number of persons)

Crew Capacity: 49

Life Boats: Rescue Boats Two / Two, Life Rafts Four, Damage control Equipment: Yes

Oil Spill Containment Equipment: Yes, Oil Spill Response Company: Owner

Under Water Welding Facilities: No, Diver & Equipment for Polar Waters: No

Number of Zodiacs/Landing Craft: : Eight, Emergency Medical Evaluation Response: Yes

Price: On Application

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